1 FIGHTING TO STAY Everyone’s favourite Internet instigator has an extradition hearing today. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is trying to avoid going to Sweden to face sexual assault charges. Anyone have any odds on him winning this one?

2 SOUNDS SO MUCH MORE SINISTER THAN IT PROBABLY IS In what of those little stubs of an article that only hints at what might be a really crazy story underneath, CBC says that a Saskatoon pet grooming place was fined for illegally cremating animals. On the other hand, this might just be hopelessly mundane.

3 OUT AND ABOUT, FREE AND UNCHECKED A recent Globe and Mail report says that many mentally ill offenders receive no supervision whatsoever after being released from custody.

4 GETTING YOUR DRUNK SELF HOME Regina bus service will continue until 3:15 a.m. on New Year’s Eve. So feel free to get tanked and leave your car off the road. The Leader-Post article also quotes a recent study on attitudes towards drunk driving in the province: “In Saskatchewan, 88 per cent of residents believe it is completely unacceptable for someone to drive when they have had too much to drink. Only two per cent said it was acceptable.” Who is this two percent? Watch the roads to find out.

5 WATCH YOUR PHUNK, BEP Legendary funk pioneer George Clinton is suing over some samples he alleges the Black Eyed Peas used without permission. In other news, the world agrees that BEP are fake nonsense these days and Clinton is the real, complete-crazy deal, forever and for always.

6 FUCKIN’ UP A website has decided Iron Man 2 is the most flubtastic movie of the year. An example of the mistakes present: “In a scene in which Mickey Rourke’s villainous Ivan Vanko (aka Whiplash) examines his fake passport, users of the site noted that his surname is written Russkaja, which would apparently suggest that he is female.” Here’s hoping they counted Rourke looking gross as a mistake, too.

BONUS We still have a whole year to wait before the new Muppet movie; the fake alternate ending for the new Yoga Bear movie is not quite as depression-making as the actual thing, presumably; and Maclean’s doesn’t think I get excited when I see a Jane Espenson writing credit on a T.V. series.