1 SOLE SEARCHING New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is a loudmouth schnook and is about the last person I would want to see in a sex video. (NY Daily News) But he and his wife appear in a foot fetish video … just too weird for comment, right now, anyway. To each their own, sexual or otherwise, but since Ryan has cultivated an image of being larger than life (complete with a starring role in HBO’s documentary on the Jet’s inner workings), it appears almost that karma may be a bitch (Deadspin). For Letterman’s writers, this is Christmas all over again.

2 DRUNK DRIVER DETAINED AT GEORGE W. BUSH’S HOME IN DALLAS Oh. It’s not who we think. (MyFox Dallas-Fort Worth)

3 ON DONNER, ON … BLITZEN … Magic mushrooms apparently help reindeer feel like they’re flying. (The Sun)

4 IF YOU’RE A CARD DESIGNER, IT’S TIME TO FIND ANOTHER JOB Another business the internet is killing (Oregon Live).

5 SOMETIMES SURVEILLANCE IS GOOD FOR YOU The L-P’s Will Chabun does an interesting blog about the RCMP’s spy service, and how putting the leader of Saskatchewan’s Communist Party actually saved the guy’s life. (Leader-Post)

6 FOR THE REST OF US Dec. 23 marks Festivus on the Seinfeld calendar. (YouTube) Don’t hurt yourself during the Feats of Strength.