Earlier this week, recently-elected Toronto Mayor Rob Ford announced that “the war on the car” was over and ordered the Toronto Transit Commission to stop work on a decade-in-the-planning, $8.5 billion light rail system. Today, the government of Ontario directed some sternly-worded diplomacy in Ford’s direction.

Here’s my unasked for two bits:

When one segment of the electorate — in this case the suburban fantasy-land dwellers who demand lower taxes, more services and don’t know thing fucking first about urban development systems like transit — elect a belligerent and ignorant bully like Rob Ford to the mayor’s office, they get the wrath when their candidate does the predictably stupid things everyone who wasn’t a fucking moron knew he’d do.

If this transit program is killed it will set Toronto development back by a  decade. As area populations increase the lack of light rail will lead to gridlock, long drives into the city and greater pollution. It’ll also kill tons of jobs–you can’t just flush an eight billion dollar project without consequences. Just imagine the lawsuits… ugh.

Ford doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing and the mob cheers. If I lived in Toronto I would be apoplectic — I’m pretty hot just sitting in my desk in Saskatchewan, where none of this affects me. The suburbs cheering this move by their smug, dumbass mayor are very likely the same fuckwits who elected the Ontario Tory government responsible for shit like Walkerton. Fuck those fuckwipes. Pardon my French but, fuck.

I have to say, one of the great things about living in Regina is I never have to use this kind of language to describe our own politicians and voters. They’re not perfect, our city’s not perfect but I don’t see anything that looks like the current Toronto level of bullshit going on here. It’s nice. Hey it’s not like we’re randomly firing our own transit chief, right?

…oh wait. Fuck.