I’ve never seen this, and don’t consider myself to be overly religious (although I do have exposure to Christian beliefs via the United Church [which is pretty much the mildest form of Judeo-Christianity out there, I know, but I did go to Sunday School for several years, and even played a Wise Man in a Xmas nativity play, so I have some familiarity with events portrayed in this choral work on the life of Jesus and eventual End Times]).

As far as spectacle goes, I imagine this performance of Messiah by the RSO, Regina Philharmonic Chorus and invited soloists at Knox Met Church (7:30 p.m.) is quite stirring. Except for the End Times thing. I wouldn’t be able to get into that at all, as there are funamentalist believers out there today who are actively working to bring about the Apocalypse. So venerating that aspect of Christian doctrine is kind of lame.