While I’ve been taking pretty pictures of downtown Regina and clearing up some other critical business for the Dec. 16 issue, Wikileaks Julien Assange has been having just a great day. He’s agreed to turn himself in to U.K. police for questioning on a sexual assault charge (do you believe he assaulted anyone? Me neither) and, alarmingly, his Swiss bank account was frozen. Which isn’t even done with baby-eating dictators, so that pretty much confirms how the world works right there.  And of course Amazon, the company that censored George Orwell last year, pulled the rug out from Assange earlier and now Paypal’s bailed on the guy.

Well, he shook things the hell up for a while and he might not be done yet. One thing that’s interesting is that the bank that shut Assange down apparently got whacked by cyber-vengeance.

Meanwhile in other news, the U.S. will extend tax cuts to the super-wealthy that the country can’t afford. All because damn fool American voters fell for Republican lies as usual and handed a psychotic and sociopathic political party control of Congress. Here’s Paul Krugman’s column yesterday on what needed to happen to salvage a bad, bad political situation. Too late now, looks like. Ugh.

Too many Americans are too stupid and too afraid and too ignorant and too soft and their stupidity and weakness is destroying their country. Idiots. Poor people with no health care voting for the billionaire bank party? No one should pretend there’s anything redeeming in that.

This is a country full of people who are increasingly anti-science, anti-culture, anti-art, anti-environment and anti-everything and they vote for politicians that hate them. I’m sorry to say it but it’s true: They’re done as a nation. They’re over. What a joke country. Morons. They’ll be burning witches before this decade is out. Too bad. They have had moments of greatness.

Well that’s a happy note to end the day on. Sorry about that guys.