1 DADT REPEAL IMMINENT For shame, for shame–I was derelict in my Six in The Morning duties yesterday. In my defence, sometimes a guy’s gotta sleep in until noon. First up:¬† the United States is on the verge of ditching¬† 17-year-long discrimination against gays and lesbians in the military. Under the 1993 law Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT), soldiers and other military personal were kicked out if they revealed they were gay or were outed. After a Senate vote a few minutes ago, this policy is all but done. Besides the fact DADT was blatant, evil discrimination against people for being born with a sexual preference that offends some people of faith, it was strategically stupid: multilingual researchers and decorated soldiers were among the people booted out of the military. Finally, an irony: I think anyone enlisting in the U.S. military is making a foolish decision that exposes them to participation in all manner of evil. After all, the United States has an alarming propensity to invade countries that never attacked it under sketchy pretenses. Having said that, it’s important that people be allowed to make their own stupid fucking career choices regardless of who they find attractive. One might say it’s a goddamn human right.

2 THERE WILL BE NO SCREWING IN CANADA: PRIME MINISTER Fearless Leader Stephen Harper says Canada doesn’t have time for an election this year, and his government won’t attempt to provoke one, because they’re not in a clear position to win a majority there’s too much important governing to be done, and besides it’s the opposition that wants an election, those greedy power-hungry bastards!

3 FUCKERS MUST PAY An Ottawa woman who was beaten, had her shirt ripped off and was strip-searched by police is suing. Good. Cops who behave like that disgrace and shame law enforcement officials across the country. Pending full investigation they should be fired and charged in criminal court. In other bad-cop news, the G20 police action looks more and more like a clusterfuck. Police unions need to do more to protect their membership from being used as fucking stormtroopers against civilians.

4 SASKATOON TO BAN DRUNKEN, STONED PANHHANDLING I don’t get it. Isn’t public intoxication and disturbance–which we can all agree is naughty–already illegal? Why bring panhandling into it? Sounds like a stupid, grandstanding move to get political support at the expense of the poor and desperate.