1 CANADA DOESN’T CARE ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING. OUR GOVERNMENT JUST WANTS TO STALL AND STALL AND STALL AND STALL WHILE THE CLIMATE BURNS. Story here. And you know what? Canadians don’t care either. I remember we had a Liberal leader awhile back who ran hard on a carbon tax platform, and he was squished at the polls. The NDP and the Greens would undoubtedly have gotten Canada’s carbon targets on the way back to something resembling on-track, too. You know what? Don’t give me excuses about how Stephane Dion was a big wiener. He was a big wiener, but faced with the choice of voting for a wiener or voting for the party whose leader once called Kyoto a “socialist scheme” you gotta go with the wiener. But people voted how they voted. It is what it is. Canadians have largely dropped the ball on climate change. We’re the bad guys.

2 FOSTER CARE SCHMOZZLERY Read all about it. It’s anger-making.

3 CONVICTED STALKER WAITS FOR RULING Gerald Klein, whose out-of-control stalking of one woman for 36 years was so extreme he was banned from living in Regina, wants to come back to the City. A judge has reserved decision.

4 RIOTING IS PROBABLY NOT THE RIGHT POLITICAL TOOL Then again, maybe it is. When governments make it harder for people with less money to get into schools, maybe they should break a few things and scare a few Royals. Just saying, not advocating.

Plus! A Saskatoon restaurant whose food I always enjoyed owes a fortune in unpaid taxes. A beloved former Roughrider is spending his first-ever winter here. Toronto’s mayor might want to kill the City’s $0.05 plastic bag fee — I was going to squawk but there might be nuances to this story so I’ll hold off on the sniping. And that’s it, I’ve got to run to a meeting. In fact it’s even a “meeting”. TTYL guys and have a good weekend.