This is a disgustingly good & catchy song from a band whose cumulative age wouldn’t boil water. James Brotheridge reviews the Modern Superstitions’ debut EP, All the Things We’ve Been Told, in the current edition of prairie dog.

Truthfully, there’s not much to add to that. Young, check. Toronto, check. Produced by Sloan’s Patrick Pentland, check. “Visions of You” takes a few clearly identifiable parts of punk and new wave songs and mashes them together with enough style and forward propulsion (dig that great bass!) that whatever reservations you might have about the song being derivative melt away.

Just to prove that the Mod-Supes aren’t just a product of Pat Pentland’s production prowess, here they are knocking out “Visions of You” live.

You can download “Visions of You” in the classy mp3 format at the Modern Superstitions’ website for the mere surrender of your e-mail address.