A generation ago, well-educated funny guys Victor Vasquez and Himonshu Suri might have ended up writing for the Simpsons. Instead, as Das Racist, they’re the best rap group of the Youtube Generation. Picking just one song from the two mixtapes they’ve released this year wasn’t easy, but I’m going with “EK Shaneesh” for its freaky video and the repeated line, “I am America/I am a pick-up truck.”

Das Racist | EK Shaneesh from Stephen Boyle on Vimeo.

Earlier this week, the New York Times ran a Q&A with Das Racist that saw Vasquez and Suri deflate their interviewer at every turn.

Why is your group called Das Racist?
Suri: ‘Das racist!” is something we would yell at the television when something racially insensitive would pop up in an ad or on a TV show, which is basically a longer ad.

What are television shows ads for?
Vazquez: Ads. Television shows are ads for ads.

“EK Shaneesh” is off Shut Up, Dude, released as a free download last March. You can peep that here. Sit Down, Man was released as a free download in September and you can peep that right over here.