Boston Spaceships – “Come On Baby Grace”

Sometimes, it’s tough to know where to put the credit for a successful Robert Pollard album. Sure, he’s the common ingredient to so many classic albums – and at least one or two good ones among the selection he releases every single year – but on occasion, his best work is clearly with certain sets of collaborators.

That’s the tale with Boston Spaceships and their new album, Our Cubehouse Still Rocks. As you can hear on “Come On Baby Grace”, the band – featuring former Guided by Voices drummer Chris Slusarenko as well as Decemberist John Moen – has tapped into the rock fanaticism that’s been the source of Pollard’s best work. It’s the kinda song you can do a good rock kick to. It’s the kinda song that goes well with swilling beer and the occasional fist-pump. It’s a heavy dose of rock ‘n’ roll energy from the man who can’t stop making ’em.