Instrumental music doesn’t get enough love. Not even from me, and I love instrumental music. Don’t get me wrong, singers are pretty nice, but there are times when I just don’t want to hear what they have to say. Especially if I’m writing. Austin, TX’s Balmorhea (pronounced “Bal-Mor-Ay”) aren’t exclusively instrumental, but their songs with vocals are rare enough that I’ll gladly put on their 2010 album Constellations when I’m in the mood to not hear voices.

Balmorhea – Take Away Show – Bowsprit from valerie toumayan on Vimeo.

I missed my chance to see Balmorhea (who were touring with Denmark’s Efterklang) in Vancouver earlier this year. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to miss them again in 2011.
On December 7th, Balmorhea released a limited edition 7″ called Candor/Clamor, which can be streamed by clicking this very words on the Western Vinyl label. Both songs are verrrrrrrry nice and will impress your neighbours.

mp3: “Bowsprit” by Balmorhea