CALL US DEC. 1 There’s a lot of analysts who are saying that the federal government has closed the door on BHP Billiton’s hostile takeover of Potash Corp of Saskatchewan. In reality what Tony Clement has done is give the Aussies an extra month to sweeten their deal. (Sydney Morning Herald) Link’s right, in a way: (NDP press release)this is not time to be flying the Mission Accomplished banner over the Legislature.

THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS GOES THROUGH SPEEDY CREEK, APPARENTLY At the beginning of September, I quoted Link about why he thought Brad Wall was going to botch Saskatchewan’s position in the BHP Billiton purchase, because he didn’t have any business experience – well, Brad was an economic development officer for the City of Swift Current, but he never was in a position to defend the interests of government against those of business. (prairie dog) But between the early September publishing of that article and yesterday, he explained Saskatchewan’s position clearly and built some alliances with other provincial premiers. Good for Wall – I didn’t think he had it in him.

MEANWHILE, BACK IN THE JUNGLE At least Wall’s performance was better than the 13 stooges Saskatchewan has sent to Parliament, who waited around until King Stephen issued his decree from on high. Party loyalty is one thing: being told how to think is another. (Impolitical)

IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED … BHP Billiton isn’t giving up. (Toronto Star)

AND THE OTHER FOOT DROPS There’s going to be a lot of harrumphing in conservative media about Stephen Harper’s decision. Like Bloomberg and the Globe and Mail and the National Post. Whether it’s going to have an impact on Canadian companies buying Aussie assets – hello there, Vittera – is still up in the air. Harper’s going to be under a lot of pressure to overturn this decision, or we’ll going to see a few more stories about how Michael Ignatieff is starting to look a lot more prime ministerial ….

CUTTING THROUGH THE BULL You know those big ads in the Leader-Post and the Star-Phoenix about BHP Billiton keeping its promises? Well, Murray Mandryk, next time, don’t put the lead paragraph at the end of the story. (Leader-Post)