I’m no doubt late to the party, but I’ve just been checking out the trailers for the film adaptation of Barney’s Version. (See above as well as over at the A.V. Club for a better but non-embedable one.) I have high hopes for this movie. Not just because I love the novel, either, though it stands as one of my favourites from an author I love in addition to being one of my favourite books overall.

It simply looks like it’s been done well. Paul Giamatti seems like a perfect choice for the title role, and an interview with the screenwriter on the Sept. 16 episode of Q left me with a lot of faith in the project.

(Speaking of Giamatti, I stumbled across this gem on his IMDB page. Whoa. For anyone who enjoyed Bubba Ho-Tep, that’s pretty exciting, even if Bruce Campbell isn’t involved.)

I don’t know what kind of distribution Barney’s Version is looking at, but I’m sure at the very least this will be one the RPL won’t pass on.