Man, if I’d known things were going to be this slow at city hall, I’d have taken another couple weeks off. Here we go…

Tuesday, November 2
Arts Advisory Committee (12 pm): Chair, Bill Heywood, is recommending up to four committee members travel to Calgary in November to study that city’s arts department’s best practices. They will also be looking at a report from the Community and Protective Services Committee that was forwarded to them back on September 15 about the city’s Culture Days. This doesn’t seem to be a summary report or any kind of information about how Culture Days should go forward. It just seems to be informing the Arts Advisory Committee that Culture Days will be happening.

Only problem I see with any of this is that Culture Day already happened. Ran from September 20 to 25, in fact. Way to keep the citizen committee in the loop there, Community and Protective Services. Now Arts Committee has gone and missed Culture Days. Hope you’re happy.

After that, the committee will consider their work plan for 2011. I’m thinking top of their list should be requesting timelier notification of city events. ‘Cause, you know, I hear Culture Days is a hoot. Not that I’d know. Community and Protective Services didn’t send me a reminder either.

Finance and Administration Committee (4 pm): Staff are recommending the city sole source their newspaper advertising contract to the Leader Post. This is a repeat of their recommendation from 2006. I guess they need a big-shot daily for their communications.

Wednesday, November 3
Executive Committee (11:45 am): Considering a request from the RCMP Heritage Museum for $120,000 in operating funding annually. Staff will be studying this request and it will be considered in the context of the 2012 budget. The committee will also set their meeting dates for 2011.

Accessibility Advisory Committee (5:30 pm): Considering a report about paratransit operations and services and one about the Official Community Plan.

And that’s it for the week. If you’re needing more you can get your full-report freak on at the city’s website.