1 CLIMATE CHANGE AND CANCUN As the world warms, countries meet for another round of talks. As usual, Canada is expected to be one of the problem countries.

2 GET THE LEAD OUT Canada announces tough new standards for lead in children’s toys.

3  PILE O’ PICASSOS Nearly 300 unknown works by the legendary artist have surfaced.

4 STEPHEN LEWIS ON AIDS The humanitarian talks about the pandemic and what needs to be done.

5 THE CURSE OF J. JONAH A Spider-Man musical is tangled up in technical problems.

6 THE FORCE WILL BE WITH YOU, ALWAYS The Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner has passed away. UPDATE! Which Rosie already pointed out.

We’re not talking about football today. Haiti is messed up. Salon lists the 10 most important secrets in yesterday’s Wikileaks infodump. And there’s a criminal investigation into the leaks. And foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence “Law Cannon” Cannon says Canada-U.S. relations won’t be harmed by the leaks. A body was discovered in southwest Regina. An Iranian physicist was killed by bombers. A blind Canadian won her discrimination case against the government. Here’s a longer obituary on the great Leslie Nielsen. I said, we’re not talking about football today. Okay, we’ll talk about football, but only if we call it soccer and there’s a scandal involved. How many times to I have to say it? We’re not talking about the Riders today.