1 FORMER CHILD SOLDIER SENTENCED AFTER SKETCHY TRIAL AND COERCED CONFESSION Omar Khadr’s getting eight years, seven of which will probably be served in Canada.

2 HAIL TO THE CHIEF Larry Hubich was re-elected president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour at this weekend’s annual SFL convention. Hubich, a five-term leader of the SFL who had previously always run unopposed, was challenged by Tom Graham from the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Everybody’s still friends though.  The convention was a huge success, with the best turnout in its 55 year history.


4 FOR ONE DAY, SANITY WINS I’m taking pleasure in the fact the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear had a better turnout than Glenn Beck’s evil march. Polls suggest that tomorrow Americans will elect the party that wants to take away their health care and protect tax cuts to the super-rich.

5 BUT THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW Labour leaders in the United States are worried Republicans are going to kick the shit out of them if they take control of Congress and the Senate. Gee, really?

6 REMEMBER THAT ROB FORD GUY TORONTO ELECTED MAYOR? His campaign team created and maintained a fictional Twitter persona to protect Ford from scandal. Hahaha, fun times ahead for Toronto journalists.

Also: No word yet on CFS. In case you’re wondering.