1 THE ALMOST MASTER OF DISGUISE A twenty-something Asian man got on a Vancouver-bound plane in Hong Kong disguised as an old white dude. It was a really, really, really good disguise. He’s applied for refugee status in Canada.

2 NOVA SCOTIA HOSEPAIL CROSS-BURNER GUILTY A 20-year-old man who burned a cross on an interacial couple’s lawn has been found guilty of inciting hatred. His relatives say it’s the folly of youth. I say it’s the folly of being a mentally-disturbed racist.

3 UNITED STATES ASKED TO GET RID OF DEATH PENALTY Ha ha ha, good one. That’ll happen.

4 MURRAY MANDRYK’S POTASH WRAP-UP It’s here for the reading. I like this sentence: “Much of what we heard was nonsensical hyperbole — fear-mongering that we’d somehow instantly turn into Albania if Investment Canada rejected (gasp!) the second of some 1,600 foreign takeovers it has approved in nearly a quarter of a century.”

5 OVERWORK IS BAD FOR CANADA The Globe And Mail has an interesting editorial today that makes the case for government finding ways to do something about overwork. Apparently overwork costs the country 10 billion a year. I believe it. When people push too hard for too long, they break. When they break, if affects other people. Everything is interconnected. Duh.

6 INTERNET DEVOURS PLAGIARIST ALIVE Basically every media outlet in the world is covering the spectacular implosion of a small, apostrophe-challenged New England magazine whose editor claimed everything on the Internet is public domain is having a very, very, very bad day because of it. More on this in my previous post.