1 GET YOUR WAR ON North Korea talks scary talk, nobody likes it.

2 SASK WELFARE RIGHTS CENTRE CLOSING DOWN This looks bad even without the sociopathic comments after the story that fuel my mistrust.

3 FASTER WARMER MELTER The planet’s heating up quicker than believed, oh good. Hey how come climate skeptics never post in the comments on this blog? On second thought, I’m okay with that–the only guy I want to read a wall of text from is Malcolm+.

4 DANNY WILLIAMS RIDES INTO THE SUNSET The rascally rogue premier of Newfoundland calls it a career.

5 JOBLESS WORK Contract employment is on the rise in Canada, here’s the facts and nuances.


ALSO: There’s a big Wikileaks release coming this weekend and it sounds like it’ll be embarrassing for Canada. Some meanies abandoned a pet bunny but it looks like it was okay, phew. A federal policy change could (and probably will) whack low-income seniors. Almost 70 per cent of aboriginal kids in the province next door are poor. Stripper-on-break photos spark debate. A wind-powered hockey rink? I love it! Hey here’s a compelling story about mass transit expansion in Los Angeles.Yesterday Don Cherry backed a controversial Conservative candidate in Toronto. I love Cherry but he sometimes drives me nuts. I’m probably the only person who feels this way. Paul Krugman has a good column on Ireland’s bank-fueled economy disaster. By god, if an article has “Squid-Worm” in a headline, I’m going to link to it. Also, this is our 1200th post on this new blog. Zow.