1 FUNNY MONEY Grumbling and griping aplenty at the G20 meet in Seoul, South Korea, as world leaders won’t back American efforts to suppress the value of the U.S. dollar. A lower U.S. dollar means cheaper U.S. exports which should create more American jobs. China keeps their currency, the Yuan, artificially low, which is a big part of why that country is an export powerhouse. More on the story here. United States President Barack Obama secretly thinks arguing with Chinese President Hu Jintao is still a million times more pleasant than dealing with the incoming Republican psycho Congress is going to be. Meanwhile, Glenn Beck continues to encourage people to buy gold and live in fortified huts with their bibles.

2 WE DON’T NEED TO VOTE ON THAT Stephen Harper says he can keep Canadian troops in Afghanistan after our so-called “mission” ends without Parliament’s support. But it’s okay if Parliament wants to debate it. Debate is fine as long as President PM Stephen harper can do whatever he wants.

3 SIAST STUDENTS BRACE FOR STRIKE Instructors and support staff could be out on picket lines starting Monday.

4 RAINFORESTS TOUGHER THAN THOUGHT A new study looking at ancient pollen trapped in rocks and published in Science magazine suggests tropical rainforests are more resilient than believed and might be able to survive the coming rise in temperature. Hope so, because scientists have previously theorized that a two-degree rise in temperature will kill off a quarter or so of the Amazon and two degrees looks like the best-case scenario. And why aren’t we collectively panicking about climate change again? Oh, right–because there’s a ton of money to be made from oil. And also because lots of people like to think they’re smarter than scientists. Personally I think I’m smarter than my dentist and the next time I have an appointment I’m going to tell her how to go about filling cavities. I’m sure that’ll work out, after all my opinion is just as good as hers. And after that I’ll call up the U of R’s David Sauchyn, who co-edited the about-to-be-released book on climate change and the Prairies The New Normal, and tell him he’s not better than me. Who do these PhDs think they are? Their opinion isn’t worth any more than anybody else’s.


6 PUPPY!!!!!!! A coyote that wandered into Harbour Landing was safely captured. Also coyotes are not friendly doggie-woggie schnoogykins, they are wild animals that should be treated with respect. (Who’s a cute widdle puppy? Yef you are!)