1 WRONG MOVE, CATHOLICS Bishop Gerald Kicanas lost the vote for the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. What was the problem? He didn’t deny communion to politicians who were pro-choice.

2 MAYBE HE PISSED OFF 4CHAN An online petition calling for the resignation of Jean Charest got so many hits in its first day, it crashed. According to CTV News, “The petition, tabled by an opposition member and posted on the legislature’s website, racked up about 40 new signatures per minute Monday.” So either he’s politically screwed or he’s pissed off a certain group of Internet adolescents.

3 WHAT’S THE MOST PUNISHING STORY LEAD YOU’LL READ THIS MORNING? The Leader-Post has a good candidate: “In the eyes of a Regina mother, her daughter and the girl’s friend look like 12-year-olds; the man who admits he paid them for sex says they appeared a lot older and he had good reason to believe they were adults.” Read the whole sad thing here.

4 GUANTANAMO BAY PRISONERS FROM THE UK GETTING PAID Bush may have believed that he was helping Britain out by torturing prisoners, but he certainly didn’t help them avoid a settlement including millions of pounds in compensation for prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. I doubt Stephen will be changing his mind on Bush anytime soon.

5 CORPORATE CARD TEMPTATION Well, you could put it down to that if a certain former Niagara Parks Commission executive hadn’t also submitted a bunch of other crazy expenses as well. From the Globe and Mail:

In the same period, the Crown agency reimbursed Mr. Noden for $23,950 in out-of-pocket expenses from roller-coaster rides in Las Vegas to health supplements in Korea to a pound of Starbucks coffee in Niagara Falls, which he claimed as a meal.

He’s exactly like the kid whose parents leave him money for food and he blows it on Modern Warfare 2, except this guy had a lot more in the coffers to go through.

6 TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH The Beatles are finally getting onto iTunes as of today. But after all these years, I’m sure the people hoping to get their grubby digital hands all over these tunes have just bitorrented them.