1 TENANT’S ASSOCIATION LAUNCHED Regina’s new renter advocacy group calls for rent control.

2 BHP BILLITON: WE’RE OUT The spurned multinational withdraws its offer for Potash Corp. You can read more here, here, here, here and here.

3 DOOOM IN THE GREAT WHITE NORTH? Canada’s northern reaches are vulnerable to terrorist attack and its  communities could be threatened by human trafficking, says the Conference Board of Canada. The article doesn’t overtly make the connection but the issue is the north is opening up to development thanks to climate change. And everybody from Stephen Harper to British Petroleum knows it. Development will bring in billions. Climate change threatens civilization. Our smert bizness class sure haz their priorities in order.

4 NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT Canada’s Conservative government will invest $20-mil from the Clean Energy Fund in tidal power.

5 BLOW-BY-BLOW OF AN ENVIRONMENT BASHER’S NATURE SHOW A sarcastic Guardian writer makes fun of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Which is on the Discovery network. How awful.

6 I ADMIT IT. I DOUBTED. I SCOFFED. BUT I WAS WRONG! The Riders beat the Lions and move on to the Western finals. My Facebook friend B. Wagner says all the team has to do now is “lick those Stamps and mail them into next year country!”

AND THERE’S ALL THIS STUFF TOO Saskatchewan is about to be attacked by hordes of bedbugs. Johanna Skibsrud’s Giller-winning book The Sentimentalists will finally make its way to bookstores. The Liberal leadership race in BC loses a candidate while the party wants the current premier gone yesterday. Several Canadians are killed in a weird Mexican swamp explosion. The son of an assassinated journalist and witness wants Canada to implement the Air India Inquiry’s recommendations. The eeevil and craaazy Westboro Baptist Church were no-shows at an Edmonton play about a gay lynching that they’d said they would protest. An Ontario hospital that provided counselling to soldiers at a nearby base is cancelling the service citing shortage of funds. Things got stabby on a reserve near Regina this weekend, fortunately but the teenage victim will live. Bush’s memoir is starting to look like an epic heap of plagiarism. The cocoa genome has been published.  Montreal thugs expect a good turnout of thugs at a murdered thug’s funeral, but did they expect a suspicious box to show up on the church’s doorstep? McDonald’s and Pepsi have been asked by the British government to help write U.K. health policy on obesity. And finally there’s a freaky kidnapping story coming out of Ohio. Yuck.