1 IF ONLY The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour has asked for a 75-percent increase in our province’s minimum age, says the Leader-Post. How do various industry groups feel about it? You guess.

2 CANADIAN SUPREME COURT CONSIDERS CONSENT As the Leader-Post writes, the Supreme Court of Canada is mulling over the case of a woman who was anally penetrated without her permission while she was passed out during asphyxiation play. Keep in mind for the future: making the kinky stuff you want to do explicit is a really good idea, especially when it involves situations where a partner won’t be conscious. Try some of the “sexting” all the kids are talking about.

3 U.S. SUPREME COURT CONSIDERS CLASS ACTIONs NPR reports on a case going up before the American Supreme Court today that could have a big bearing on the future of class-action lawsuits down there.

4 WHEN NEO-NAZIS STRIKE A Calgary anti-racism activist says that neo-Nazis are responsible for the recent attack on him and his home. The Globe and Mail has the story, which features the fascinating line: “Calgary has struggled to ward off its neo-Nazi movement, which flourished amid the economic boom.” These guys must feel great about their new mayor.

5 BOOKS GETTING BUSHIER George W. Bush is getting the word out that he’s got a fancy new memoir, as blogged by NPR. (Even fancier if you get the $350 edition.) What’s a sensible reaction to this book? techyum points out one solution: going to your local bookstore and moving Decision Points to True Crime.

6 GIRL VERSUS GIRL Niels Arden Oplev, the director of the Swedish film adaptations of the Millennium novels, is already trash-talking the American adaptations, reports the Guardian U.K.

BONUS A housing boom helps with China’s girl problem; passengers may have warned flight attendants about the Air Canada Shapeshifter; and a Bush-era program to deal with immigration has been poorly implemented. Crazy, right?

Also, some serious Mighty Ducks-esque escapades, except on the football field and in real life (via the Slog):