1 WE LOVE BRAD, OR PERCEPTION IS REALITY A year before the province’s next election, the Saskatchewan Party and its charismatic leader are miles ahead of the NDP in popular support. Random thought: the Saskatchewan NDP is like a spouse who put you through school and made you successful, and then when you became established you dumped him/her for someone prettier. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

2 WAYYY TOO LITTLE, WAYYY TOO LATE Members of the Anglican diocese of Saskatoon have voted to start blessing same-sex marriages but the change must still be approved by a bishop. Soooo, what. You want applause? As smarter people than me have said, Christianity has learned to ignore all kinds of antiquated crap in the bible — Leviticus, for example, bans eating fat and shellfish, condemns people with flat noses and says you have to burn your pants and jerk off an unclean ox if you sit in the chair a menstruating woman sat in.

Christian churches should’ve modernized their position on homosexuality long ago. By dithering on this, the Anglican diocese is saying being gay might be a sin. That sends a clear message that ignorance about and prejudice against gays and lesbians is acceptable. No, don’t argue. It does.

People love who they love. Love isn’t a sin. And asking love to wait for some bishop who may or may not have a clue to become comfortable with same sex marriage is a joke. Get over the stupid hang-ups.

In other too-little-too-late GLBT news, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says Congress should repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell before the freshly-elected teabagging hordes take their seats. Wouldn’t hurt, though it would’ve been good to do this before the election. And in other Church Of England-specific news, five bishops have resigned because they don’t think women are equal to men. Boo-effin-hoo.

3 FIRST MINOR SKIRMISH IN REPUBLICAN PLOT TO KILL HEALTH CARE FAILS Good. Jesus would say people deserve health care. Even American people. Possibly even Republican voters.

4 WHERE CAN I GET MINE? White poppies that commemorate peace and civilians killed in war have been banned from a PEI market because people are crazy. I’m serious — where can I get mine? Anyone know? I’d be comfortable wearing both white and red poppies.

5 YAY SCIENCE! Canadian researchers might have found a way to help people suffering from blood conditions like leukemia to grow their own healthy blood cells. Neat!

6 BURMA’S HAVING ELECTIONS ANNNND… VIOLENCE, TERROR, ETC. An election whose outcome was fixed by a military dictatorship sparks chaos, death, sadness and misery. Who’d have thought?