In the run-up to Christmas, other craft markets are held around town. But there’s craft and then there’s Craft.

If you go to your local hobby store you’ll find all sorts of kits to make all sorts of handcrafts from cat toys and doilies to beaded jewelery and stuffed animals. That’s small “c’ craft.

To qualify for Wintergreen, conversely, you must meet rigorous standards imposed by the Saskatchewan Craft Council tied to quality of workmanship, design and materials. That’s Craft with a capital “C”. And at Wintergreen you’ll find work by over 100 Saskatchewan artisans who excel at making all sorts of decorative and functional household items in media as diverse as clay, glass, wood, metal and fibre.

Wintergreen runs Nov. 19 (1-9 p.m.), Nov. 20 (10 a.m.-6 p.m.) and Nov. 21 (10 a.m.-5 p.m.) at Conexus Arts Centre. Admission is $5 adult, $2 senior, children under 12 free. (306) 653-3616.