George W. Bush is a war criminal who ordered the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq — the former wrong, illegal and futile, the latter much worse. The combination of his wars and tax cuts wrecked the American economy.

So now he’s got a book out that I’m not going to read. What do I, as a guy who followed U.S. politics through eight nauseous years of Bush’s vile presidency, think of his memoirs?

I. Hate. Them.

I’m not going to make fun of his grammar skills or crack jokes about his intellect or make fun of his ears. I don’t think Bush is funny. It’s sick to treat the guy like anything other than he is: a fool and a tool who caused terrible harm through stupidity, arrogance, negligence and demagoguery. He’s a spoiled, privileged millionaire turd who swapped his addiction to booze for ego-maniacal religious delusions. He’s a mindlessly malevolent Frank Burns, writ large. He’s a thug who took pride in giving life and death ordersĀ  and thinks waterboarding prisoners is okay. He slobbered on about the sanctity of life and the importance of family while he fought to take rights away and reduced opportunity for ordinary Americans with his policies. His regime was responsible for death, torture, poverty, bigotry, zealotry and general awfulness, and the damage he’s done can’t ever be repaired.

George W. Bush should be in jail forever, not chatting genially on talk shows. He should not be seen in public without handcuffs.

But once again everyone’s pretending it’s all okay. Good golly well you know people do disagree on politics sometimes, la la la.

Consensus reality is nuts.

Not a very interesting opinion, definitely not insightful but that’s a snapshot of the way it is. I’m not interested in thinking about George Dubya Feces ever again. I was there at the time and paid enough attention to see how bad it was.

If you want, feel free to talk about the fetus-incident or his torture stance or whatever in the comments below, or not. I’m out.