Uwe Boll is one of the few directors whose films you can usually condemn before they’re even released. His IMDB page is filled with plenty of cinematic horrors.

A personal favourite: In the Name of the King, one of Boll’s many video game adaptions, stars Jason Statham as the hero of this fantasy tale and Ray Liota as a wizard, a casting choice every bit as unfortunate as it sounds.

Well, unsurprisingly, a Guardian U.K. story tells of critics who are already planning on boycotting one of Boll’s upcoming films, Auschwitz.

The piece also features an interview with Boll, pictured left from the trailer for the film. (He plays a Nazi guard.) Boll seems blissfully unaware of how poorly something like this could go over:

He said such films no longer had the ability to reach young people and that it was his duty as a German to make the film as a way of confronting the past.

“Every German is obliged to ensure that the Holocaust is not forgotten,” he said.

“For a director like me who is known for his explicit depictions of violence, it’s my duty to use precisely this talent to show people the atrocities of the Nazis.”

There are a lot of assumptions that could be made about Boll, but I personally believe that he doesn’t understand why his films are so bad and why the idea of him making a Holocaust movie is such a bad one. Still, this is looking like another one for this prestigious list.