1. PUBLISHER TAKES INTRIGUING STANCE OF NOT MEETING MARKET DEMAND. Johanna Skibsrud took home the Giller Prize for her debut novel The Sentimentalists on Tuesday. If you’re looking for a copy in a major bookstore, though, you’ll have to wait. Nova Scotia’s Gaspereau Press only prints 1,000 books per week, and they’re not going to outsource to meet the demand. I suppose that’s one way of doing it. The other way would be to take advantage of the opportunity.

2. WHALEBURN! Sunburn isn’t just for humans and pigs anymore. Apparently whales have been getting in on the action lately. Scientists attribute the sunburn damage to an increase in UV radiation slipping through a thinning ozone layer. That thing again?

3. AMERICAN CIGARETTES NOW REACHING CANADIAN LEVELS OF GROTESQUERY. Taking a page from Canada’s book, the Food and Drug Adminstration unveiled disgusting new images for tobacco packaging. Smokers across the country were too busy puffing on delicious cigarettes and hacking up the wet black remainders of their lung tissue to respond.

4. UK MINISTER IN CHARGE OF SECURITY TURNS OUT NOT TO BE ABOVE THE LAW. Baroness Neville-Jones, UK Home Office minister, was caught with an oversized aerosol container in her bag. She was on her way to Washington. To discuss the war on terror. Sigh.