In honour of Paul Dechene’s Dogcast interview with David Sauchyn from last week, here’s a Four In The Afternoon of rad, recent podcast episodes.

1 INTERESTING King among podcasts and radio alike, This American Life is still going strong, as proven by their most recent episode, “Toxie”, a subject I mentioned on the Dog Blog not too long ago.

2 FANCY EDITING You probably loved Dechene’s jazzy intro. For a podcast that shows off further editing chops, look to the impressive and hilarious Superego. The last bit on Episode 2.10, a “best of” for the first half of Season 2, just kills me.

3 THE REGINA CONNECTION After listening to Dechene’s post, are you still thirsty for some Regina-made audio? A couple of good buds of mine over at the Carillon are doing a fine job with the Bell Tower podcast. Episode 4 is a great place to start.

4 AUTHORITY Dechene and Sauchyn are obviously both clever guys with a lot of knowledge on their side, just like a certain John Hodgman who recently started a podcast devoted to adjudicating disagreements. Episode 2 just went up.