Our David won the Poetry Prize for Dimensions of an Orchard (Black Moss Press). Dave wasn’t able to be in Regina to receive his prize (I tried to claim it, but no dice). When ever he’s not right in front of me, this is how I picture him:

Dave, wherever you are, congratulations! All the winners — including Regina writers Sandra Birdsell, Dianne Warren, and Jo-Ann Episkenew among many others — are listed at the Saskatchewan Book Awards website.

The awards were great, as always: the salty food, the groaner jokes, the smarmy government speech about Saskatchewan Pride, and how artists have contracts now and don’t we all just love arts (I swear I’ve heard the same speech from three different representatives at other events), the outfits… (the outfits!), the books (the books!) the Centre of the Arts and the rabbits in the parking lot… It’s the total package for a full and inspiring Regina Saturday night.