Two months ago to the day, we told you that obnoxi-awesome rock god Lou Reed hurt UK TV game show runner up Susan Boyle’s feelings by refusing her permission to sing one of his least rad songs on a US TV show.

Today, is reporting that not only did Lou never intend to hurt Susan’s feelings, but he wasn’t the one who nixed permission in the first place. And just to prove that he’s stand up, he has even directed the music video of Susan Boyle singing his “Perfect Day”.

Was going to post that video, but you can see it at the NYMag link above, and if we’re going to post a Lou Reed video, we might as well make it worth your while. Here’s Lou Reed being all honourable and shit, shilling for Honda:

and here’s Lou as an animatronic robot in his classic video for “No Money Down”:

Way to keep it real, Lou!

By the way, it’s worth noting that this news item was sent in to prairie dog HQ by the Original Wrapper himself, Mike Burns, a P-Dogger from way back when kids like you were still wet behind the ear.