A couple of wee problems this weekend.

First, some idiot New York thugs have been arrested for torturing a gay man. It’s horrible (New York Times). Meanwhile in Serbia, a pack of skinheads, apparently saying things like “the hunt has begun” and “death to homosexuals”, attempted to attack a pride rally in Belgrade. They tossed gasoline bombs and trashed stuff. It’s horrible, too (BBC).

Aside from being, obviously, evil, this level of irrational hatred and fear of homosexuality is just loony. PeopleĀ  harbouring this level of angry obsession with someone else’s sex life are not well. And it’s obviously a widespread sickness since homophobia is culturally sanctioned in most of the world.

Like misogyny and racism, homophobia is irrational and dangerous. Best to think of it — and treat it — as a symptom of mental illness. In these cases, criminal mental illness.