You have fucked up very, very, very badly. You have betrayed your brightest, most talented and kindest citizens by electing an angry, swaggering simpleton as your mayor. Heedless of consequence, deaf to reason, you crept from behind and most treacherously plunged thy dagger poison’d with fear, hatred and capricious malice deep in the unguarded back of your most courageous citizens. Tonight, your best and brightest despair at your selfish, cowardly and reckless electoral deed.

You monsters.

To borrow a few words from that esteemed scholar of Classics, A. Haddock (Captain, Rt.), you have elected a squawking popinjay, a Visigoth, a scoffing braggart, an odd-toed ungulate, a Bashi-bazouk. “Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles.”

Hang your heads, Toronto. Hang. Your. Heads.

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