I can’t remember where I learned this trick. But it’s a good one.

Take an empty milk carton and cut off the top. Fill it with water then submerge a bottle of liquor in it. Place the carton in the freezer and let stand over night. When the water’s completely frozen, tear the carton away and voila! You’ve a bottle of liquor in a block of ice.

Why would you want to do this?

Because it will impress your guests with your liquor ingenuity. Do you need a better reason?

Best to use spirits you want to serve cold and straight. Vodka is the obvious choice. In fact, I used to kick off cocktail parties by offering everyone a shot of frozen Zubrowka. But this will also work well with any liquor — gin and aquavit especially.

Stay away from any lower proof liquids like liqueurs. You run the risk of freezing the contents.

To serve from your frozen bottle, you’ll have to wrap it in a tea towel. And don’t make the same mistake I made the first time I tried this out and leave it on the counter then wander off to join the party. It’s not just messy. It’s embarrassing.