Fans can relax and foes can gnash: Conway returns in this week’s issue with a really good piece on the Conservative “Tough On Crime” agenda.

It’s really good. Here’s an excerpt:

The prime minister isn’t just taking programs apart. Harper is a social architect with a clear and bold vision. He does indeed have a plan — but it must remain unspoken because Canadians aren’t ready for it.

What is this bold strategy? Why, Stephen Harper is developing a prison-industrial complex on the American model.

The framework is elegant in its Straussian simplicity. Harper envisions an all-encompassing policy framework that will address a broad spectrum of persistent social problems rooted in poverty and despair. And this design is tied to a massive program of economic stimulus — including public and private investment and mind-boggling job creation.

Fun stuff! it’s out Thursday Oct. 7.

Now, where’s the column been, you ask? Same place it goes every summer. Like an NHLer but without the multimillion-dollar salary and Gatorade endorsement, John mostly takes summers off writing for us — though I have no doubt he maintains a rigorous off-ice workout schedule. But it’s October now and the political puck has dropped so John’s got his skates of Truth all laced up and he’s ready to battle in the corners, kill some penalties and drive for the net.

John probably won’t be in every issue between now and June but we’ll his column whenever he’s got something to say. I suspect that will be often. So Hobgoblins beware: Conway’s back for another political season. His wrister’s as deadly as ever. And if you see him wind up for a slap shot, duck.