1 MARINE LIFE CENSUS IS COMPLETE A decade-long project concludes there are more than a million species in the ocean. So now we’ll have a better sense of what exactly we humans are wiping out. Yay. (Guardian)

2 A TWO AND A WHOLE LOT OF ZEROES A BHP Billington takeover of Potash Corp could cost Saskatchewan $2 billion over the next decade, according to a government report. So what? That’s the free market, isn’t it? And isn’t the free market always right? Damn socialist Sask Party. (CBC)

3 SURVEY SAYS New poll numbers say that if an election were held today the Conservatives… would win a minority government again. Of interest: NDP support is down. And one in 10 people support the Green Party, but Canada’s undemocratic system means they’d get zero seats. That’s not okay. Also, the Tories are polling higher in Saskatchewan than they were in 2008. Sometimes people in this province get a little confused. Good thing you have prairie dog, we can help with that. (Globe And Mail)

4 REMEDIAL ETHICS Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants his MPs to keep their snouts clean: “Ministers and parliamentary secretaries must ensure that fundraising does not affect, or appear to affect, access to government,” says the memo. Reeeeeeeeeeally? Who knew. (Toronto Star)

5 THE SINGLES! WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE SINGLES? Married couples with children are now in the minority in Canada. This is apparently a new fact. (CP/Toronto Star)

6 THE HORSES! WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE HORSES? Protests against the slaughter of horses are underway in several Canadian cities. And apparently we have horse-slaughterers in Saskatchewan. Who knew? (Canada.com)