Hanna-Barbera produced the Drak Pack in 1980. The show featured a trio of monster off-spring that drive around the country fighting evil. The trio went by cheesy but hip knock-offs of their predecessors – Drac Jr., Frankie and Howler. They look normal but when they put their hands together and shout “Whack-o!” – they transform into a vampire, Frankenstein’s monster and a werewolf. This ritual is called the Drak Whack. Um, yeah.

They drive around in a transforming car called the Drakster and try to fight the evil organization OGRE (The Organization for Generally Rotten Enterprises) which is run by the evil Dr. Dred. The original Dracula or Big D counseled the team when they needed help so they could make amends for all the evil that their predecessors caused. The Drac Pack was more of a super-hero team that went fighting instead actually making amends like going around and rebuilding the villages that the Frankenstein monster destroyed or helping the families of the thousands of victims of Big D’s insatiable blood thirst (one would assume).