Aside from the work they do in their home towns, people who work in improv often travel to other cities to participate in improv festivals. Invariably they meet other troupes, and because of the spontaneous nature of the art form, even collaborate with each other. Not surprisingly then, the improv community tends to be pretty close knit.

Tonight, members of Regina’s best-known improv troupe, the General Fools, are teaming with two members of Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre,  to perform at the Fainting Goat at 8 p.m.

Amy Shostak and Arlen Konopaki (pictured) are in Regina to perform A Watched Pot Never Boyles at the Globe Theatre. Here’s a link to the review James Brotheridge posted of that Sandbox Series play late last week. Check it out, and tonight’s performance at the Goat too, if you get a chance.