You might know that The Globe And Mail had a big redesign this month. The paper moved to a  smaller format with more graphics and is now printed on higher-quality (albeit tackily bright) newsprint. The change is an attempt to boost the paper’s sagging readership numbers and, while I don’t think they’ve completely figured out what tomorrow’s daily newspaper needs to look like yet (answer: gorgeously grope-worthy), it’s a step in the right direction.

Speaking of said sagging readership… sounds like the Globe’s marketing dept. thinks highly of them. From a press release in my in-box this a.m.:

October 1 marked a new chapter in The Globe and Mail’s history with the unveiling of a dramatically redesigned newspaper. Today’s Globe features a new red masthead and premium newsprint with a glossy look in a trimmer 11-inch design. It’s the most innovative redesign in our 166 years. With colour on every page, outstanding photo and graphic production, special paper stock and custom print options, The Globe and Mail offers more substantial content, new opportunities for advertisers and greater interaction with our readers — the Influential Affluents.

“Influential Affluents”? That’s one vowel sound away from a not-very-nice thing to call your readers.

Well, keep trying Globe. I really am rooting for you. Print will never again be what it once was but done right it can be part of the news business mix for a while yet.

Speaking of redesigns, here’s a TED lecture on why they’re needed and how they can help the embattled daily newspaper. I guarantee the people behind the Globe’s new look saw this video.