So, by now, you’ve of course already read our preview of tonight’s show with the Wooden Sky, Yukon Blonde, and Northcote, three worthy acts everyone should be pumped to check out.

Failing that, you no doubt noticed that I screwed up the date in the piece, and that the show is in fact happening tonight.

Failing that too, you’re not too late! You can still make it down to the show, tonight at the Exchange. If you feel like you need a little prep work on the headliners, check out their Daytrotter session here. Daytrotter is a wonderful website from down in the States that releases live sessions they’ve recorded with various artists, along with a great write-up and cool illustrations of the band. (You can see the Wooden Sky’s to the left.)

The Wooden Sky’s session was posted just this Sunday, so it should give you a good idea of the greatness you’ve got in store for you when you come to this show.