Wow, the Internet — you find sparkly things in serious and sober places. For example: yesterday I clicked over to political writer Andrew Sullivan’s blog The Daily Dish hoping to read more on Tuesday’s big Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ruling in the U.S. and maybe acquire a political thought more complex than my usual “Bleeeaaaarrrrgh.”

For some reason Sullivan had posted a new music video by — techno-rapper?  Bubblecore poet? Fashion discocrat? Another hastily made-up genre? — Uffie, for her song “Difficult”.

The post’s headline was “Mental Health Break” and Sullivan described the video as “Gondry-esque”, so how could I not watch it? So watch I did.

And Lo, it was sexy and shiny and mentally healthful.

And so now I share it with you. Zap!

Incidentally AND coincidentally, yesterday was The Daily Dish’s 10th anniversary. Sullivan has a post on a decade of rogue conservative blogging here.