Ti West’s 2009 The House of the Devil is a low budget throwback to the horror movies of the 1970’s and 80’s.

Jocelin Donahue is a college student in desperate need of money. She hates her roommate but can’t afford the deposit for a new apartment. Desperate, she finds a notice for a babysitting job. After playing some phone tag with Tom Noonan (the serial killer from Manhunter) she finally gets a hold of him and he offer her a $100 for a babysitting job that night. Donahue’s friend Greta Gerwig drives her out to the country where the creepy house is. Gerwig is suspicious of Noonan – especially after he reveals that there is no child but an elder lady to look after. So he spices up the offer to $400 to babysit for the evening and Donahue agrees – much to Gerwig’s disgust. And wouldn’t you now it – it’s the night of a lunar eclipse.

To reveal anymore would be to spoil the fun. Writer / director Ti West has crafted a movie that slowly builds to a suspenseful and horrifying conclusion. The plot may seem familiar but it’s execution makes for an entertaining thrill ride.