Halloween is finally here and it’s time for the final Thrilling Horror. When I was younger, I happened to see an episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour entitled An Unlocked Window. It was one of the most suspenseful things I had even seen at the time and the ending has one heck of a twist to it. The story is about a serial killer who is on the loose and he only targets nurses. Two nurses are looking after a man with a heart condition who is bedridden. It’s a dark and stormy night and the creepy house that they are in looks awfully familiar. The nurses receive a phone call from the killer informing them that he’s coming for them tonight. So they check to make sure that all the doors and windows are locked but one window is missed.

It’s a thrilling episode and kind of shocking that it was original aired on TV in 1966. The familiar looking house I was told was the house from Psycho and I had to see that movie. If I thought that the episode was creepy – I was blown away by a real Hitchcock movie.

By now I would hope that most people are familiar with the story. The simple version is Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) runs a rundown motel where his mental disturbed “mother” keeps killing unsuspecting visitors. If you haven’t seen it yet then that’s all I’m saying. The film is a masterpiece.

To top it all off – this is one of the coolest trailers ever made with Alfred Hitchcock giving audiences a tour of the film.

And as an adding Halloween bonus here’s the first 10 minutes of An Unlocked Window.