Not every horror movie needs to be out and out horror. Some times suspense can be just as terrifying, in fact sometimes more so. This year I’ve decided to focus a little more on the suspense thriller side.

Director Blake Edwards spent most of his career making one Pink Panther comedy after another, including three terrible ones made after his main star Peter Sellers died. In fact in the later part of his career, Edwards made nothing but comedies – 10, S.O.B., The Man Who Loved Women, Micki and Maude, A Fine Mess, Blind Date, Skin Deep and Switch. It’s a lot of mediocre comedic crap.

So it’s hard to believe that early in his career he made the awesome suspense thriller Experiment in Terror in 1962. He had made the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s the year before but you can’t help but wonder how he went from making quality films to Son of the Pink Panther.

Experiment of Terror stars Lee Remick as a young woman who is being terrorized by an unseen asthmatic pyschopath into robbing a bank for him. Glenn Ford is the cop trying to track down psycho Ross Martin. The cinematography in this movie is fantastic. Shot in black and white, the film uses the dark shadows extremely well. The opening scene is a classic as Remick drives into her garage and finds a surprise waiting for her in the shadows.