I just realized today that prairie dog’s Official West Coast Curmudgeon Emmet Matheson did not have blog posting powers. How ridiculous! As you can see by his post below that’s now been fixed. Emmet, for those who don’t know and love him, is an escaped Saskatchewanian who’s been writing for prairie dog, on and off, for longer than I’ve been here. That’s a very, very long time. He’s also a former Leader-Post employee who did some good work there. And of course he’s an ex-Carillon hack. Who isn’t, these days?

Emmet has his own blog too and if he gives his blessing I’ll update this post later with a link to it here’s the link.

In other blog news, Emily Zimmerman has recently been re-issued her lost Dog Blog password. Emily is a fantabulous writer and a sometimes (though not currently) Saskatchewan resident who’s written for PD on and off for… I think five years? She’s one of those rare scribes who can write lifestyle stories that aren’t vacuous drivel and she’s even better on the arts beat (don’t ever, ever fuck with her in a hipster-off).  Right now she’s living in Toronto with her kidnapped Saskatchewan mate and their lovely half-Sask son. Actually, right NOW she’s in Regina for a visit. So if you see her this week, say “hi”. She’s the cool lady.

Hopefully, we’ll see Emmet and Emily posting semi-regularly on the blog here. Their work can also be found in the actual, physical prairie dog. Look for great stuff with their bylines next Thursday!