1 FUSS OVER ANIMAL LIVESTOCK BYLAW, FEATURING CUTE POTBELLIED PIGS The Leader-Post’s Joe Couture has a good, long story on Wednesday’s meeting about the City’s animal bylaws. Council needs to overhaul them because they’re out of step with the way people live, but it’s not going to be easy because this is a complicated topic with implications for housing, health, animal welfare and pot-bellied pigs are soooo CUTE. (Leader-Post).

2 DRUGGED, GANG-RAPED AND BIG ON FACEBOOK A teenage girl was brutalized at a rave near Surray BC, a teenage boy filmed it and put it on Facebook and now the crime is on the Internet forever. Awful (CBC). And something there will be much more of in the future. Hopefully technology will at least force us to confront easily-ignored problems, like peer rape among youth.

3 BANK OF CANADA GOVERNOR SAYS TORY CENSUS CHANGES CAUSE PROBLEMS More here (Globe and Mail). Memo to Harper: governments need to base their decisions on measurable facts, not ideological farts.

4 TORY DOUCHE SLAMS “TORONTO ELITES” Yeah, well better a Toronto elite than an elite douche (CBC).

5 BIEBER! Mandatory article here (Leader-Post).

6 STEWART VS. COLBERT The Daily Shows Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report have announced dueling Washington gatherings: “Rally To Restore Sanity” and March To Keep Fear Alive”. More here. Make sure you click on “Don’t Click Here”. Humour results!

BONUS NEWSFLASH: WEIRD-ASS FOOD: I was pooped this morning and couldn’t have written this post without caffeine and carbohydrates… but look at this cinnamon bun I got from A Coffee Shop That Shall Not Be Named… what the hell? I was sleepy when I bought it so didn’t realize I’d picked up a mutant baked good until I got back to the office. But just look at this thing. It looks like a mushroom. I’m half expecting smurfs living in it. What a scary-looking freak-treat.

Just wanted to warn you all that weird food is out there, scheming. Be wary.