1. RELIGIOUS RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST SOMEHOW NOT SWAYED BY HILARY CLINTON. “Hi. I’m Dr. Terry Jones, this is the Braveheart Show, and Islam is of the Devil”. So says Pastor Jones, who is organizing an old fashioned Qu’ran burning on September 11th. Hilary Clinton’s strong condemnation of the act (link goes to video) has unsurprisingly not deterred him.

2. ON THE OTHER HAND, IRAN WILL LISTEN IF YOU CONDEMN LOUDLY AND PERSISTENTLY ENOUGH. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani was convicted of adultery in 2006, which in Iran carries a penalty of being told not to do it again followed by getting hit with stones until dead. She also has been charged with involvement in her husband’s murder. After weeks of condemnation from the world at large, Iranian authorities have decided to suspend the sentence of stoning. Of course, she could still be executed by hanging.

3. EVERYONE GETS A LITTLE PINCH OF BLAME IN THE GULF OIL SPILL. BP released a report on the oil spill. Apparently it’s everybody’s fault. Let’s just say that mistakes were made, rigs were ignited and the massive plume of oil ever spilled in North America got spilled by a complex interaction of phenomena. And phenomena are not BP’s fault.

4. NDP CARTOON HURTS THE DELICATE SENSIBILITIES OF THE SASK PARTY. The Saskatchewan Party is not happy about an online cartoon posted by the NDP depicting Brad Wall as a masked thief making off $2.9 million from the Progressive Conservative Trust Fund. It probably doesn’t help that the Progressive Conservative Party is suing the Saskatchewan Party. I don’t know if the Sask Party should bother getting offended, but I’m pretty sure that political cartoonists should speak up. Because the barb of satire is hardly sharpened by clip art. Seriously, I could get a toddler to draw a hedgehog and it would probably look more like Wall.

5. ABOUT TIME. A woman in China has sued a cinema for showing 20 minutes of advertisements. I don’t know about you, but I am so on board with this woman and her way of thinking. The modern moviegoing experience is akin to being a goose on the foie grâs career path. A half hour of canned advertisements before the film opens, five minutes of actual ads, followed by ads for other movies you haven’t paid to watch, followed by 90 minutes of product placement.

6. ANYWAY, JUST FORGET ABOUT THE BAD STUFF. Because Belle and Sebastian have made three songs from their forthcoming new album available for “streaming,” which is what the internet calls “listening” these days. On backup vocals? Actress Carey Mulligan, best known to North Americans for her role in An Education. Also known to geeks as Sally Sparrow from Doctor Who.