6 in the Morning1. GREATEST CANADIAN’S STATUE UPSTAGED Artist who sculpted Tommy Douglas statue standing in Weyburn peeved unveiling proceedings upstaged by presence of Douglas’ grandson, 24 star Keifer Southerland. She muses about moving statue to Scotland. (Winnipeg Free Press)

2. PLANS TO GUN DOWN GUN REGISTRY GUNNED DOWN Parliament opening today as another NDP MP announces he will defend the gun registry. Looks like the long-gun registry will remain to annoy gun owners some more. (Globe and Mail, Chronicle Herald)

3. MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE FULFILLED THAT GOAL YOURSELF THEN Paul Martin is saaaaaaaaaad Harper hasn’t met his (Martin’s) Millenium Aid goal. (Globe and Mail)

4. POPE’S ASTRONOMER NOT A COMPLETE MEDIEVAL TWAT Vatican astronomer, Guy Consolmagno, says Intelligent Design theory is bad theology. Also says he’d happily baptize an alien regardless of the number of its tentacles. Alien’s still going to hell if it touches itself with even one of those tentacles. ‘Cause that’s how Earth’s God rolls. Burn for eternity you self-abusing outer-space freak! (Boing Boing)

5. SMOKING AROUND YOUR KIDS IS JUST A DOUCHEY THING TO DO ANYWAY New tobacco control rules for Sask come into effect start of October. Among them, smoking in a car with your kid will be illegal. (Leader Post)

6. FETCH ME A TIME MACHINE Because somebody has to kill this idea before someone even gets it: Keanu Reeves is talking about a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure 3. Time travel is the only sane response to such a threat. Even if it’s been known to fail on occasion….