CORRECTION: The Meligrove Band won’t be playing tonight. Van problems have forced them to cancel four Canadian dates, including last night’s Saskatoon show and tonight’s Regina concert.


“It’s definitely the loudest band I’ve ever played in.”

Such a statement is a huge surprise coming from Aaron Goldstein, guitarist and vocalist for Hamilton rock outfit Huron. They might work with a large set of influences, but they’re a rock act first and foremost, with all the blistering guitar work to prove it.

A lot of the music work Goldstein did before Huron was with the pedal steel guitar, an instrument that he still brings out occasionally for Huron. Now, along with his current bandmates, he has the opportunity to sing, play regular guitar, but also to just play loud.

“It’s also a chance to rock a lot harder than any group I play with,” says Goldstein. “With Huron, we go and we turn it up. I can get really loud and play a lot of stupid solos and stuff like that. That’s not something I do with other groups.”

The band’s self-titled debut, released this year, captures this well. The nine tracks it features were the first the wrote, and the only original songs they had in their repertoire when they went into the studio. They were considering making an EP, but jacked it up to a full-length when they realized how well it was going.

That’s no surprise, as they had Canadian rock legend Ian Blurton behind the boards.

“He was the guy, man. Knowing the other stuff that he’s done … and I think before I asked him to do the record, I didn’t have any idea that he’d done not loud stuff. He’s done all kinds of stuff to his credit. I found that was really helpful and nice to know about him anyway, that he could get in there and not just crank all the knobs to 10 or whatever.”

Huron are playing tonight at the Exchange, along with Arkells.