Has it been ten years already? Apparently it has, because  this event tonight marks the 10th anniversary of One Take Super 8’s debut on Regina’s cultural scene. From the outset, it’s been guided by filmmaker Alex Rogalski (pictured) who veteran members of the Regina arts community might remember as one of the principles behind the Antechamber Gallery & Cinematique that operated for a short time in the late ’90s on 19-block Scarth.

If you’ve ever seen old-style home movies, they were produced using Super 8 technology. Video rules the roost now, but before it was introduced Super 8 was valued as an affordable and easy to use film technology — in comparison to 16 mm and 35 mm tecnologies that professional filmmakers used. That’s not to say that Super 8  didn’t have an artistic component to it. God knows how many kids who went on to become well-known filmmakers started out crafting mini backyard and basement epics with their parents’ Super 8 camera. As well, artists like Andy Warhol, Michael Snow and many others used the technology to create art films.

With this project, local filmmakers sign up and are each given a three-minute cartridge of film. As the title indicates, they’re forced to work within the constraint of having only one take. If something goes sideways during the shot, well, that’s the magic of art . Que sera sera and all that.

While One Take Super 8 started in Regina, it’s expanded to include events in other North American cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Fort Lauderdale. Super 8 films have also been screened at festivals across Canada, in Gemrnay, the UK, Italy and Japan.

Since 2000 in Regina, over 500 films have been made and shown. Participating filmmakers this year include Dianne Ouellette, Sarah Abbot, Gerald Saul and Tricia Martin.  Tonight’s screening is being held at the RPL Theatre at 8 p.m. Admission is free.

Here’s a link to a film screened last year by Mathhew Yim called Teeter Totter.

Musicwise, Jordan Cook is at O’Hanlon’s Pub tonight while Jen Lane is at McNally’s Tavern with Smokekiller.