As of today there are three exhibitions running at Regina museums and art galleries tied to the celebration of the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ centennial.

For a couple of months now,  Saskatchewan Roughriders: The Team the Fans Built has been running at the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame. It’s mostly involves memorabilia on the Riders that has been collected over the years.

Today, it’s joined by two more exhibits. Opening at the Cumberland Gallery in the Legislature is Heart of the Rider Nation. It’s curated by Heather Hodgson and Jackie Schmidt, and consists of fan-created art on the team. Riders fans are nothing if not a passionate lot, so will doubtlessly have created some truly awe-inspiring works to illustrate their love for the Green & White.

As befitting its celebratory nature, the show kicks-off with a parade down the Green Mile on Albert St. to the gallery at 3:30 p.m.. According to the press release George Reed will be the grand marshall, and there will also be something called a Watermelon kick-off. 

Heart of the Rider Nation runs at the Cumberland until Sept. 30, by the way,, while the Hall of Fame show is on until Dec. 31.

Which brings us the the Green is the Colour: The Art of Rider Pride at the Dunlop Art Gallery. It opens with a special reception in Victoria Park from 2-5 p.m. that’s co-hosted by the Sports Hall of Fame, and includes an appearance by Rider GM Jim Hopson. This show has the potential to be the most interesting of the lot. Yes, the Riders are wildly popular in Regina/Saskatchewan. But there’s plenty of room to critically analyze the teams impact on the city/province and the relationship it enjoys with its fans.

If the artists and curators involved in this show are up to the challenge, it could potentially be great. If they aren’t, well, it will be a long two months at the Dunlop until the show closes on Nov. 14.

Pictured above are two works from the Dunlop Gallery show: The first is David Thauberger, while the second is by Saskatoon photographer Brenda Pelkey. 

Musicwise tonight, Strung Out is playing with Rufio, Mute and We Are the Union at the Distrikt, doors at 8 p.m. $22. 19+. Here’s video of Strung Out doing their song “Cemetary”. Also, at the Club the Sumner Brothers are playing with local act Black Drink Crier.